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Get control of the complete lifecycle with the marketing management platform for agencies and brands to measure scopes of work, media spend and determine overall brand health.

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Helping Brands & Agencies Manage Spend & Improve Performance

“This is as future thinking as Google Cloud – This is 5 years ahead…” Patrick K. Google Cloud Solutions
“Synaptik is very cool solutions…”Doug Smith, Senior Director, Microsoft Corporation

The Full-Stack Platform for Advertisers


Cut Overhead

Cut costly data processing with automation. Get data fast with Synaptik Data Pipelines.

Optimize Budgets

Calculate spend across scopes of work and media management, with industry models.

Increase Sales

Monitor brand performance, and discover consumer drivers to increase sales.


Fast Data!

Spend more time on growing your business, and less on redundant manual data processing.

Accurate Models

Get control of your budgets, workloads and resource management expectations across agencies.

Deep Insights

Discover consumer sentiment and optimize strategy to increase sales across any brand.


Synaptik allows you to start with templates and adapt and grow to match your company needs.


Synaptik provides a secure permissions-based environment where you, your team and clients collaborate.


Deploy solutions worldwide in multiple languages and currencies.


Synaptik’s API and SDK is available to IT, developers and data scientists who want to quicken operations.

Deploy Anywhere

Synaptik is ready for secure and encrypted cloud or on-prem docker deployment.

Plugins Store

Synaptik continually delivers new plugins available for unlimited use for any industry.

Features for IT, Analysts, Developers and Scientists

Plugins for Fast ETL

Synaptik's plugin library makes it easy to plugin to 100s of data sources and auto-poll via REST / SOAP API and even bot crawls.
“Synaptik has enabled us to find things that others can’t, and at incredible speed. Let’s keep this train going!”Private Client
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Charts Galore

Synaptik comes equipped with various charts for rapid visualizations such as basic pie, bar and dual axis as well as nodegraph geo positional and statistical charts.
“For us, the platform is so easily customizable, that we can use it with all customers, each of whom want something different – regards to data input and report outputs.”Michael Farmer, Farmer & Company
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Powered by Machine Learning

Under the hood is a Powerful AI Engine and IDE. Write your own or work with our PhDs to create compelling stories using machine learning and computational statistics.
“Can’t beat its flexibility & raw power. Other systems are limited looking at a small spectrum of the big picture.”Rebecca K, VP of PR, Northeastern University
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Simple Pricing

Run your business faster & smarter with an all inclusive full stack and full service Automation and AI Platform.


Choose from a variety of hosting options to fit your worldwide distribution needs. While Synaptik comes standard with great pricing with Google Cloud, contact Sales for other options.


Create an enterprise account for a small team or many departments worldwide, with greater cost efficency the more you grow.


Connect with dozens of popular data sources, or create your own. If we don't have a data connection we'll get it up and running for you and manage it.

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Start with as basic secure server or upgrade to an Private High-Security Server with IP Whitelisting, or an on-premise solution.

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Sign up for basic support, or hire your own certified team or sign up for our Synaptik VIP service who will assist you in your Data Management, Data Visualization and Data Science needs.

per month $4,000

Options Available:
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“Synaptik makes it easy to blend multiple datasets for faster syndication of important information across multiple client accounts.” Anthony, SVP of Allscope Direct
“I couldn’t have done it without Synaptik. It would’ve been impossible… The time is saves me and my team – so we can focus on strategy and business. It has saved literally 100s of hours of manual data manipulation – does it in real time and more accurately.” Cheryl, VP Marketing HelloMethod
“There is a broad range of functionality which allows us to mine various data sources, including a social listening feature which allows us to correlate social media activity with news events.” Mark, EVP of SN Marketing

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